Women's Studies Tutoring - Fall 2015

Course Building Room Day From To Format
WS 190 Memorial Hall Online Monday 6:00 PM 8:50 PM Email, Skype
WS 190 Memorial Hall 011 Tuesday 1:00 PM 2:50 PM Drop-in
WS 190 Malpass Library Reference Desk Area Tuesday  6:00 PM 8:50 PM Drop-in
WS 190 Memorial Hall 011 Wednesday 1:00 PM 3:50 PM Drop-in
WS 190 Malpass Library Reference Desk Area Wednesday 5:00 PM 8:50 PM Drop-in
WS 190 Tanner Hall 112 Thursday 6:00 PM  8:50 PM Drop-in

Note: If you attend a drop-in tutoring session, you can go any time during the scheduled times.

*For questions about major-sponsored tutoring, please contact the department directly.

Online Options: To reach a tutor via email, please send your questions to and include your name, course name and student ID number in the email subject line.

Please note tutors are only available for email tutoring on specific days and times. Responses to your questions emailed before or after tutoring availability will be significantly delayed. If the online option is not listed as a format above, then online tutoring is not available for that particular class.

Follow these instructions for Skype.

Supplies to Bring to a Tutoring Session

  • Pencils/pens and erasers
  • Paper
  • Course notes
  • Textbook
  • Syllabus
  • Study guide/assignments
  • Calculator (for math courses)

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