Academic Warning

If, at the end of a grading period (semester or summer term) a student’s cumulative grade point average in courses taken at the University falls below a 2.00, but not so low as to warrant academic probation, that student will be placed on academic warning. Students who are placed on academic warning status may enroll for no more than 16 hours in a regular semester and no more than 6 hours in a summer term. Students may not enroll exclusively in S/U graded courses while on academic warning status. Academic warning students will be suspended if their semester grade point average is below 1.00.

What This Means...

If you start a semester in good standing but then earn a semester GPA between 1.0 and 1.99 AND your cumulative GPA drops below 2.0, you are placed on academic warning. Academic Services students begin at Western on academic warning.

If you are on academic warning at the beginning of a semester and earn less than a 1.00 for the semester, you will be suspended and cannot attend Western the following semester.

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