Academic Suspension and Reinstatement

A student will be academically suspended if at the end of any grading period the student on academic probation fails to make satisfactory progress toward good academic standing as defined under Academic Probation above.

Students suspended for poor scholarship must remain out of the University for at least one regular semester. After the inactive semester, students suspended for the first time will automatically be eligible for reinstatement and may re-enter the University at the beginning of a fall or spring semester or a summer term provided they indicate their intentions to do so prior to established deadlines by filing a re-entry application. If they have attended another school, an official transcript from that school must be on file in the Office of the Registrar at the time of registration.

Reinstated students re-enter the University with the same cumulative GPA they had upon suspension and are placed on academic probation. This probationary status will continue as long as the student satisfies the conditions specified in the section on Academic Probation. Students failing to make satisfactory progress are dismissed and may not be reinstated a second time except by approval of the Council on Admission, Graduation, and Academic Standards.

What This Means...

If you start the semester on academic warning and earn a semester GPA of less than 1.0, then you will be placed on academic suspension. If you are on academic probation and earn a semester GPA of less than 2.1 (or 2.25 if you have 60 or more semester hours), you are placed on academic suspension. If you are suspended, you must sit out the next regular semester at Western (you can, however, take summer classes at Western). You should apply for readmission in the middle of the semester that you are suspended to give you time to consult with your advisor and register for next semester classes as soon as open registration begins for the semester you wish to return.

If you have been previously suspended and while on probation fail to meet the required minimum GPA, you will be placed on academic dismissal. If you are dismissed, you may only attend WIU during the summers until your cumulative GPA reaches at least a 2.0.

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