Compass Testing

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why should you take the Compass Test?
    Take the Compass Test if you feel that your SAT or ACT math score does not reflect your current ability in mathematics. This is especially true if your ACT or SAT scores are old. You want to be adequately prepared for the first math course you take in college.
  2. What is the Compass Test?
    The Compass Math Test is a standardized computer exam that tests your knowledge in algebra, college algebra and trigonometry. Your score on this test, along with your SAT and ACT math scores, are used for placing you in beginning math courses at Western Illinois University.
  3. How can you prepare for the Compass Test?
    Take the practice exam available in the link below.
  4. Does a good score on the practice exam translate to a good score on the Compass Test?
    Probably, but it is not a guarantee. The questions on the practice exam may test one aspect of a topic, while your version of the Compass Test asks a question about another aspect of the topic. If you have any difficulty with a topic, review it thoroughly.

Practice Exam

Sample Compass ACT Items