Time Management

successful semester planning

time managementTime management helps you prioritize, get more done in less time, and keeps you on track so you can discipline yourself. Click here for the workshop.


Being an engaged student

engaged studentIf you regularly attend class, take notes and foster relationships with classmates and faculty, you will dramatically improve the quality of your grades and overall college experiences. Use these tips to work at becoming a better and more involved student. Click here for the workshop.

Study Skills

study skills and class assignments

KnowledgeIn college, your professors take for granted that you have the skills needed to take exams and work on assignments effectively. Do not bumble through, rather have a study system and be successful! Click here for the workshop.

Test Taking

Test Taking and Presentation Skills

childern learningTests are the result of weeks or months worth of material. Consider evaluating your test taking skills to make sure you are spending your time studying wisely. Click here for the workshop.

SWELL Workshops

These brief and helpful online workshops are specifically geared towards assisting you in becoming successful in your academic pursuits at Western Illinois University. There are four workshops available.

The SWELL workshops were developed by Graduate Students in the University Advising and Academic Services Center as part of their Graduate Assistantship. The workshops will take approximately thirty minutes each to complete.


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Enhance Your Study Skills

There are many resources provided by the University to help students with study skills. The University Counseling Center (UCC) offers seminars each semester that focus on different strategies to help students prepare for their classes. Topics such as time management, test taking, note taking, and more are covered. Contact their office at (309)298-2453 or visit their site.

The University of Chicago has a resource center with a virtual pamphlet collection on study skills. Additional resources on how to study can also be found at the How-to-Study website.

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