Advising Handbook - Index

The purpose of this handbook is to provide centralized advising information. Most links will take you to existing Western Illinois University web pages. Other links will take you to a PDF file.

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Academic Advising Standards and Guidelines

Academic Appeals - topics include: academic dishonesty appeal, grade appeal, oral English proficiency appeal, right of academic appeal, withdrawal from courses appeal, documentation needed for CAGAS appeals

Academic Distinction - topics include: Dean's List, Degrees with Distinction & Honors Scholar

Academic Integrity Policy - topics include: Academic Integrity flow chart, Academic Integrity Incident report

Academic load

Academic Standing - topics include: Academic dismissal, Academic probation, Academic suspension, Academic warning, Flow charts of academic standing

Academic Status

Adding/Dropping classes

Administrative Policies and Procedures - topics include: Anti-Harassment Policy, Administrative Procedures Handbook, Oral English Proficiency Policy

Admissions - topics include: Articulation assistance, New Freshmen - Summer Orientation and Registration (SOAR), New Transfer Students Registration Programs

Advanced Placement (AP) credit

Advisor Syllabus

Advisor training - topics include: Advising Do's & Don'ts, Advising interview, Characteristics of a good advisor, When to refer students, National Academic Advising Association (NACADA), The Mentor (online advising journal)

Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Resource Center

Alcohol-Wise Course

Athletes - topics include: Academic eligibility summary sheet for advisors, Course information, Intercollegiate Practice Times, Student athlete handbook

Bachelor of Arts in General Studies

Beu Health Center

Billing and Receivables


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CAGAS (Council on Admission, Graduation and Academic Standards) - topics include: Documentation needed for CAGAS appeals, Policy on grade appeals, Procedure for requesting late withdrawal, Student Academic Integrity Policy

Career Services - topics include: Careers and Majors, Career exploration links


Centennial Honors College - topics include: Course offerings, Honors Handbook

Center for International Studies

CLEP credit

Closed class permission

COAA (Council of Academic Advisors)

Communication - accelerated section of 241

Community College Commitment (CCC)

Computer Labs

Constitution Exam (SB 195 requirement)

Course Articulations

Course credit - topics include: Numbering of courses, Prerequisites/Corequisites, Repeatable Courses

Course offerings

Crisis Intervention - listings include: Office of Public Safety 298-1949, Student Development Office 298-1884, University Counseling Center 298-2453

Dealing with difficult and/or dangerous students

Directories (student, faculty, staff, departments)

Disability Resource Center (DRC) - topics include: Faculty Guide, Student Handbook, P.R.I.D.E., Procedures for service students with disabilities

Discover Western

Double major

Early warning notices

ECOM / Guava



Enrollment options - topics include: audit, pass/fail, repeat, retake

Exit interviews

FERPA - Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

First Year Experience

Forced Enrollment

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General Education - topics include: Guidelines, Agreements

Good student discount

GoWest Transit

Grading policies


Graduation requirements

Greek leadership course

Military Service Policy

Model Degree Plans

Placement - topics include English and Math


RA classes

Registrar's Office


Scholarship Office

School of Distance Learning, International Studies, and Outreach


Student Policies - topics include: Code of student conduct, Student absence policy, Student academic integrity policy, Student handbook

Student Activities

Student Assistance & Parent Service Center

Student Development Office (SDO)


Tuition and Fees

Tutoring & Learning Resources - topics include: Academic Assistance Centers, Academic Services Graduate Assistants, Malpass Library Drop-In Tutoring, MATH 100 online calculator help, Math Help Center, Study Skills Strategies, Tutoring Locations

University Advising

University Counseling Center - topics include: Making a referral, Study Skills Workshops

University Housing and Dining Services (UHDS)

University Policy Manual

University Technology

Veteran's Affairs

Visiting Student

Writing Center

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