Who are We?

The Office of Academic Services (OAS) was established in 1969 to serve underrepresented groups. It has evolved over the years to serve any student applying to Western as a freshman who does not meet regular admissions criteria. Students remain in the program until they complete a minimum of 27 semester hours at Western, earn a cumulative grade point average of at least a 2.00 and declare a major course of study. This is typically two semesters (freshman year). Note: Some majors have a higher grade point average threshold; therefore, students have to stay in OAS until they reach the minimum required for that major.

In 1994, OAS merged with the University Advising Center to become the University Advising and Academic Services Center (UAASC). The Center primarily serves students entering through OAS and students entering undeclared in our University Advising Program. All UAASC academic advisors carry manageable caseloads so that they can be available to meet with advisees multiple times during the semester.