What You Can Do to Help Your At-Risk Student Get into College

  • Suggestions for information to include in letters for students with ACT composites of <16: letter of interest from student: Student should address why they want to attend Western, why they may have struggled in high school. Students can cite any extenuating circumstances that might of contributed to poor grades and/or low ACT score (illness, family situation, changing schools, death of friend of family member, etc). Student can explain what changes he/she plans to make to ensure academic success in college if admitted.
  • Letter of support from teacher and/or counselor: support letters should address the writer’s perceptions concerning the student’s chance of success in college. Specific examples taken from classroom performance are helpful. It can also be beneficial to address the student’s level of motivation to succeed, if known.

Where to Direct Your Questions:

  • Questions about criteria for admission and the status of an application should be directed to the Freshman Admissions Office at 309-298-3157.
  • Questions about the program including the participant agreement, the academic advising and the academic support provided should be directed to the Office of Academic Services at 309-298-1871.