Early Warning Process

Advisors will request official checks on student progress from professors twice each semester: at the end of the first four or five weeks, and again at mid-term. These reports will be shared with parents or guardians. Students will review the reports with their advisors and, if grades are not at the desired level, strategies for improvement will be discussed.

Tutoring and Learning Resources

If you are struggling with classes or need help with your study skills, check out the tutoring resources offered on campus. Tutoring groups, study skills seminars, math help centers and the writing center are just a few of the resources available to you.

Academic Standing

Academic standing at Western Illinois University depends on several factors. Most important is your Grade Point Average (GPA).The Western Illinois University Undergraduate Catalog explains the types of penalties for grade point average deficiencies as well as other policies.

GPA Calculator

This GPA calculator can be used to help you estimate your GPA. The calculations are based on anticipated grades. Some majors require a certain minimum GPA before you can declare so this can be a useful tool in helping you determine if you are eligible or what grades you need to get in order to be eligible. For more information please contact your academic advisor or refer to university grading policies.