Criteria for Consideration

Pending graduation from a state recognized high school, a student must have a minimum ACT composite
score of 16 or a minimum SAT score of 860 (with a GPA equal to or greater than 2.0/4 point scale) to be
eligible. Admission requirements for the Office of Academic Services are on a sliding scale: lower ACT or
SAT scores require a greater GPA, higher ACT or SAT scores allow a somewhat lower GPA, with a 2.0
minimum. We strongly recommend that all students who fall below the profile of 18-23 ACT or 940-1130
SAT and 2.6-3.3 cumulative grade point average submit personal statements and letters of
support. Admittance with an ACT score less than 16 or a SAT score less than 860 is dependent upon an
appeal to the Committee on Admission and Graduation Standards (CAGAS) with either improved
information, personal statement, letters of support, and/or documentation of severe extenuating