American Government

Students in our American Government program study the dynamic internal and external relations of the United States.

A field that is both an ancient discipline and a modern social science, American Government is an option of study in the Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.

Our students study the complexity of political institutions and relations among states, including the implications of moral and ethical issues.

The program prepares students for many positions in local, state, and federal government or interest groups. Local, state, and federal governments employ one-sixth of the workforce in the United States.

Possible Careers

  • Political Strategist
  • Campaign Manager
  • Political Consultants
  • Campaign Advisers
  • Congressional or Legislative staffer
  • Consultants, Strategists in elected offices, private industry, and non-profit organizations, both domestically and abroad
Why Choose American Government at WIU?

While most faculty are involved in active research, our primary mission is that of teaching and mentoring , a mission we take seriously.

All political science courses taken by our majors are taught by faculty members rather than by graduate students or teaching assistants. Most courses enroll less than 40 students.

At A Glance

Degrees Available:

  • B.A.
  • M.A.

Major: Yes
Minor: Yes
Graduate Degree: Yes
Campus: Macomb

Study Opportunities:

  • GradTrac
  • Honors
  • Graduate Studies

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