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Ongoing Professional Development (OPD) Meeting Requirements ("Temporary Credentials and Renewing Credentials")

Ongoing Professional Development Plan (OPDP) activities are a once a month, non-billable, meeting held either face-to-face or over the telephone with an individual specialist-level credentialed provider or group, of which at least one member is a specialistlevel credentialed provider. As a credentialed provider, you must document participation in Ongoing Professional Development (OPD) meetings in a minimum of 75% of the months in your temporary or full credential period. The OPD Documentation Form can be found in new/renewing credential application material or separately on the "New Applicants" page of Provider Connections website. This documentation must be completed and submitted to Provider Connections when moving from a temporary to a full credential and as part of the credential renewal application.

These meetings are to facilitate best practices through case review. Many providers use the meetings for discussion of client/family concerns, needs, strengths, resources, priorities, outcomes, strategies, and service plans in order to support best practices. When holding a meeting over the phone, simply fax the OPD Documentation Form for the required signature. In addition to meeting over the phone, many providers get involved in local provider groups. By participating in OPDP activities in this way, you have the opportunity to network with other Early Intervention providers and gain additional perspectives on service delivery methods that meet best practices.

Early Intervention providers that do not provide the required documentation of OPDP activities at the time of renewal or when moving from a temporary to a full credential are given an opportunity to come into compliance during a 12-month "Full- Monitored" credential period. These providers are asked to submit a letter to Provider Connections agreeing to participate in the OPD activities, including whom they will be meeting with, and to provide the completed OPD Documentation Form within 30 days from the end of the 12-month "Full-Monitored" credential period. Provider Connections sends a reminder notice to providers regarding this documentation.

The credentials of providers who do not submit the required OPDP activity documentation and/or who choose not to participate in a "Full-Monitored" credential period are inactivated. After 12 months, these providers can return to Early Intervention as a new credential applicant.

As with any credentialing requirement, feel free to contact Provider Connections with any questions.

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