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Rule 500 states "In order to qualify for a full credential, an individual must complete and document consultation while providing 240 hours of direct services, for which they are being credentialed, to children ages birth to three with special needs and their families." The 240 hours of service must be delivered while being in consultation with a professional in the provider"s discipline or Early Intervention service group who has experience working with children ages birth to three with special needs and their families. The 240 hours equates to 6 weeks of full time work with children birth to three and their families. Consultation should not be viewed as the type of supervision provided by a therapist for an assistant (i.e., PT for a PTA). The consultation experience is designed to be a mentoring process by which the consultant advises the provider in Early Intervention service delivery. Therefore, the consultant is not required to be onsite to observe the provider delivering services to infants, toddlers, and/or their families. The consultation should be done in compliance with the professional standards of the individual seeking the credential, as determined and documented by the consultant. Documentation of the 240 hours should be verifiable through the provider"s case notes. The Consultation Verification Form found in the EI Credential Application must be used to document the completion of this requirement.

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