2017 Student Awards

Phi Kappa Phi Junior Scholarship
Maria Bessmertnaya
Sara Devine
Phi Kappa Phi Fellowship
Nicholas Breslin

2017 Undergraduate Research Award

Lowell Grabill Undergraduate Research Award:
Hannah Porter-Denecke
Title: "The Literary and Musical Identities of Carrie Jacobs-Bond"
Advisor: Dr. Brian Locke, Music

Second Place Award:
Maria L. Kurth
Title: "Attitudes, Perceptions, and Aging Knowledge
of Future Law Enforcement and Recreation"
Advisor: Dr. Robert C. Intrieri, Psychology

Third Place Award:
Jillian Ross
Title: "Building Assets: Macomb, IL Youth Needs Assessment"
Advisor: Dr. Paul Schlag, RPTA

Fourth Place Award:
Rebecca Graham
Title: "Beowulf: The Synthesis of Anglo-Saxon
and Judeo-Christian Values"
Advisor: Dr. Dan Malachuk, English

2017 Community Initiates

Michael J. Inman, Macomb Mayor
Cathy Early, Chair, Board of Trustees
Gil Belles, Professor Emeritus, RPTA


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