Western Illinois University Arista Chapter

2009-2010 Members

Elizabeth Andrews

Jacob Beardsley

Kevin Bradt

Nicole Brady

Edward Bridge II

Cassandra Brimmer

Brian Demijan

Sarah Garmer

Martin Green

Eric Huml

Michelle Kinney

Thomas Larney

Kristin Leighty

Katherine Massa

Denver Murphy

Elizabeth Peipert

Morgan Rubenacker

James Ruppert

Leann Shryack

David Siedal

Jordan Smith

Kimberly Veal

Heather Wetzel

Emily Woodall


Point System

Mortar Board works on a point system in order for members to earn their honor cords for graduation. Although being inducted into Mortar Board does make everyone an official member who can wear the pin, it is an earned honor to be able to wear honor cords at graduation.


Every member must do all of the following, each semester, to earn their cords:


1. Attend all meetings during the semester, or read the minutes and provide an 1. adequate excuse.

2. Complete a minimum of 5 service hours.

3. Participate in the national service project (fall semester).

4. Participate in the selection of new members (spring semester).


Members are encouraged to participate in community service hours done through other organizations as these will count towards your total service hours.