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About the Illinois Association for Cultural Diversity

IACD's Mission

The IACD is part of an Expanding Cultural Diversity Project and was founded 1) to further awareness and understanding of the cultural diversity within and outside the United States through: networking and professional development opportunities, research and scholarship in cultural diversity, curriculum and instructional development, and leadership in cultural diversity education through the organization of conferences and the development of appropriate resources; and 2) to help students, educators, and community members acquire the competencies they need to communicate and interact effectively within a culturally diverse world.

IACD's Constitution and Bylaws

The History of IACD

The IACD is the organization established to succeed the Illinois Staff and Curriculum Developers Association. The ISCDA was established during the 1990-1991 academic year through a Higher Education Cooperation Act (HECA) grant from the Illinois Board of Higher Education for a project titled Expanding Cultural Diversity in the Curriculum and in Classroom Teaching. One of the goals of this project was to facilitate an exchange of ideas and insights among persons interested in staff and curriculum development and in multicultural education.

Subsequent HECA grants have allowed the organization to serve as a valuable resource, particularly for persons interested in developing and infusing multicultural issues into the curriculum.

The ISCDA has sponsored conferences and workshops at various sites within the state. Its annual Dealing with Difference Institute is held at Western Illinois University and features nationally recognized leaders in multicultural education.

The ISCDA has published several anthologies. The most recent is Cultural Diversity: Curriculum, Classroom, and Climate Issues. It has also produced a CD-ROM, Multicultural Prism: Diversity in the Curriculum, and two videotapes: Multicultural Prism: Voices from the Field and A Pedagogy of Place: Little Singer Community School, Navajo Nation. Like the anthologies, the videotapes and CD focus on curriculum content, classroom instruction, and campus climate.

In addition to its conferences and publications, the ISCDA has established a Multicultural Resource Development and Advising Center and a web site. The Center, through its network of educators and its array of materials, has the capacity to assist individuals and educational institutions as they address diversity issues. The web site contains information about various Expanding Cultural Diversity projects and resources, including the annual Dealing with Difference Institute.

IACD's Goals

Cooperating Institutions for the HECA grant have included:

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