First Year Experience

FYI: For Students

Let us help you make yourself successful!

First Year Experience (FYE) is here to help you during this exciting time. When you arrive on campus in the summer for Summer Orientation and Registration (SOAR), you will be enrolled in two FYE courses in your first semester--UNIV 100 and a "Y" section of a general education or introductory course in a specific major.

In the FYE courses, there will only be other freshmen (no more than 22). You will experience an engaging pedagogical style, meet new people, and possibly make contacts that can last a lifetime!

Our "freshmen-only" lifestyle residence halls provide several seminars and learning experiences on topics that can help you focus on your strengths and address habits, attitudes, and beliefs. Some examples include time management, study skills, building a professional contact list.

Please review this web site to learn more about Western, Macomb, and the services both provide to you. We invite you to ask your FYE professor or peer mentor any questions you have about Western or your college experience.