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University Copier Program

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  • The University Copier Program (UCP) provides copiers to departments on a per-copy basis.
    • Departments pay only for the copies that they make.
  • The UCP offers optional features for additional charges.
  • The UCP provides a copier model for a department based upon the volume of copying that the department reasonably expects to do annually and upon the optional features and accessories that it selects.
  • Departments should on average expect to make copies within the following monthly volume ranges, based on the level of copier installed:
    • Level 1 – 500 to 1,500
    • Level 2 – 1,500 to 3,000
    • Level 3 – 3,000 to 5,000
    • Level 4 – 5,000 to 15,000
    • Level 5 – 15,000 or more
  • DPS performs monthly meter readings for each program copier and bills departments electronically for their copier usage.
  • The per-copy charge includes use of the copier, training, parts, service, maintenance, toner, and other consumables with the exception of paper and transparency stock (and staples, if applicable).
  • DPS assists departments in establishing encumbrances from which copier expenses are paid.
    • Each department should monitor the balance of its copier program encumbrance throughout the fiscal year and should contact Business Services (309/298-1811) about encumbrance issues.
  • Each department should maintain a small supply of toner (and perhaps other consumables) near its copier.
  • To obtain additional toner at no additional charge, call DPS at 309/298-1000.
  • The UCP vendor, Digital Copy Systems, provides initial and follow-up training, as needed, and also performs periodic preventative maintenance on every program copier.
  • Department personnel should call Digital Copy Systems at 309/837-1500 if they experience technical problems with a program copier.

Obtaining a Departmental Copier

  • Departments should contact Document and Publication Services (DPS) immediately to initiate the process of obtaining a copier under the University Copier Program if any of the following applies:
    • expiring equipment contract: The department will replace a copier that it uses under an existing copier equipment contract (e.g., rental contract) that expires in the next 60-90 days
    • owned copier: The department owns a copier that it would like to replace in the next 60-90 days
    • additional copier: The department would like to obtain an additional copier in the next 60-90 days
  • In addition to information about department contact(s) and copier location(s), DPS will need information about annual and/or monthly usage for any copier that a department will replace.
    • Contact DPS for more information.
  • The following do not fall under the requirements of the University Copier Program:
    • existing copiers with new or renewing maintenance or service contracts
    • copiers under continuing equipment contracts
    • owned copiers
    • copiers obtained via the purchase options of existing copier equipment contracts
  • Upon ordering a copier through the program, departments should arrange with their previous copier vendors to return rented, nonprogram copiers (vendors prefer or may even require 30 days notice).
  • Department personnel should contact Property Control at 309/298-1811 to learn about options for handling owned, nonprogram copiers.


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