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DPS provides the following mail preparation and delivery services

  • interdepartmental and US Postal Service (USPS) mail pick-up and delivery
  • interdepartmental and USPS mail processing
  • stamps and metering
  • communication and coordination with the US Postal Service (USPS)
  • e-mail, network share, or portable media submission of data for variable data and merging, labeling, tabbing, and/or sorting.
  • indicia application
  • label production and application
  • insertion of material into envelopes and other mailing containers ("stuffing")
  • envelope sealing
  • metering
  • automated mail preparation
  • postal statement generation
  • bundling of mail in trays or bags

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Interdepartment Mail

  • Whenever possible, use interdepartment envelopes (usually brown with multiple spaces for from, to, and department information) for mail on and between the Macomb and Quad Cities campuses
  • Address interdepartmental mail as follows:
    From [sender's full name]
    To [recipient's full name]
    Dept [recipient's full office or department name]
    • Use recipient's department name, not building and room number, in addresses
    • Use building and room number for clarification only
    • DPS picks up, sorts, and delivers mail by department
  • Separate interdepartmental mail from US Postal Service (USPS) mail
  • For interdepartment mailings of more than 25 pieces, use paper clips or rubber bands to group pieces by department
  • For residence hall mailings, use paper clips or rubber bands to group pieces by hall

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Postage Charge Slips

  • information forthcoming

Outgoing US Postal Service Mail

  • DPS sells standard, first class forever stamps for personal use to individuals who pay cash in person.

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Postage Stamps & Postage-Paid Postcards for University Mail

  • The state of Illinois requires the purchase of postage stamps and postage-paid postcards endorsed with a perforated "I" for University mail
    • Contact DPS to purchase postage stamps or postage-paid postcards for University mail
    • The University will not reimburse the purchase of postage stamps and postage-paid postcards from sources other than DPS
    • Request large supplies of state-endorsed stamps or postcards in advance of the date needed

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Automated Mail

  • Preparing University mailings of 200 or more pieces for automated mail saves offices and departments time and postage costs and avoids delivery delays
  • Consult DPS throughout the design process of any mailpiece to avoid costly errors and delivery delays and to determine the following:
    • mail class
    • mail sortation
    • non-profit qualification
    • service endorsements
    • indicia
  • For all mailings of 200 or more pieces, contact DPS about automated mail preparation and rates
  • Preparing a mailing for automated mail allows the mailing to move efficiently through the mailstream by following US Postal Service (USPS) regulations concerning layout, stock, printing, folding, and tabbing
  • DPS performs the following tasks when preparing mailings for automated mail:
    • Checks for and removes duplicate addresses
    • Compares submitted addresses to USPS databases
    • Formats addresses according to USPS regulations
    • Generates regulation barcodes from address information
    • Manually reviews all addresses not found in USPS databases in order to correct errors in submitted addresses
    • Prepares reports that the USPS requireds for automated mail postage discounts
    • Sorts addresses according to USPS requirements

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