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An ESL Classroom: Observations and Reflections on Good Teaching

The goal of this project is to mentor new teachers confronting the challenges of teaching adult ESOL (ESL) classes for the first time. The DVD also provide an opportunity for more experienced teachers to reflect on their philosophies and practices in the classroom. The DVD can be used separately or together, with a trainer or independently.

Revised edition of A Framework Comes Alive 2011
# 589
Price: $10.00

Characteristics of the Adult Learner:  A simple and innovative guide to learning stylesCharacteristics of the Adult Learner: A Simple and Innovative Guide to Learning Styles

This guide is a training manual of practical information for addressing individual learning styles in a one-on-one tutoring or a small group setting. The guide includes training procedures for tutors and instructors of literacy and/or ESL learners as well as reproducible lesson plans and a simple learning styles assessment. The guide describes and recommends materials and activities for use with learners at any literacy or ESL level. It was created by District 214 - Adult Education's Read to Learn for a Brighter Future Literacy/Volunteer Program.

Publication Date 1996.
#495 Characteristics of the Adult Learner

Citizenship Teaching TechniquesCitizenship Teaching Techniques

Citizenship Teaching Techniques is a 70-minute teacher training videotape designed to improve the effectiveness of citizenship preparation instruction. The videotape includes footage from actual citizenship classes edited for clarity and brevity. Citizenship educators will find the demonstrations of instructional techniques on the videotape and the materials in the video viewer's guide to be useful models for developing effective citizenship preparation lessons.

Publication Date 2001.
#573 Citizenship Teaching Techniques

Community ConnectionsCommunity Connections

This multilevel curriculum for English Literacy and Civics Education (EL/CE) is easily integrated into any existing ESL curriculum. The curriculum contains six field-tested and illustrated modules: The Democratic Process, Community and Home Safety, The Public Library, The U.S. School System, Public Health Services, and Housing. A 310 page Curriculum, 243 page Classroom Picture Set, and an Individual Flashcard Picture set are included. All are reproducible.

Publication Date 2003.
#582 Community Connections

Constitution Study Guide of the State of Illinois and USConstitution Study Guide of the State of Illinois and United States

This study guide is designed to aid persons in successfully passing the examination required by Section 27.3 of the School Code of Illinois. An Illinois law requires that all High School Equivalency candidates must pass a Constitution Test in order to receive their High School Equivalency certificates. The test deals with the U.S. Constitution, the Illinois Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the rules for properly displaying the U.S. flag. The Constitution Study Guide helps the learner understand the documents and principles covered by the Constitution Test. Revised 2002.

  • #134 English Version - $2.00
  • #134-TG Teacher's Guide, English Version - $3.00
  • #134s Spanish Version - $2.00
  • #134s-TG Teacher's Guide, Spanish Version - $3.00

Individual orders (orders sold directly to students) must be prepaid. Please call CPC at 800-322-3905 for instructions regarding prepayment.

Crossroads Cafe WorktextsCrossroads Cafe Worktexts

The Crossroads Cafe materials consist of two volumes of worktexts that complement the Crossroads Cafe television and video series, a course for studying English. The course teaches English as it entertains the reader. It also helps students to understand North American culture with the hope that they will use that understanding to live and work in the culture more successfully. Each of the two Crossroads Cafe Worktexts corresponds to half of the complete 26-episode series. The Worktexts are carefully written to help learners at three different levels of English: (1) high beginning, (2) low intermediate, and (3) high intermediate.

  • #523a Worktext A 1996 - $4.00
  • #523b Worktext B 1997 - $4.00

Employability Skills for Adults with Learning Difficulties/Disabilities Curriculum

This curriculum was designed to provide learners with the tools they need to overcome learning disabilities and be successful in the workplace. The curriculum/system follows the following steps:

  • Screening
  • Assessment
  • Classroom instruction and work-based experience
  • Job placement and retention

The curriculum is divided into 29 competencies which encompass both employability and compensation instruction. The competencies are organized into six strands, including: Self-Awareness and Advocacy; Communication; Social and Interpersonal; Career Awareness, Development and Exploration; Workplace Culture; and, Vocational and Job Skills. Each competency is divided into four phases of instruction to move the learner toward eventual employment:

  • Establishing the Commitment to Work
  • Building Employability Skills with Accommodations
  • Connecting the Classroom to the Workplace
  • Experiencing the Job

Each phase is four weeks in duration, with the third and fourth phases being highly individualized. And, with each new phase, increasingly more time is spent outside the classroom in work-based experiences. Each work-based activity includes classroom preparation and follow-up.

#850 Employability Skills for Adults with Learning Difficulties/Disabilities Curriculum - $11.00

English Beyond the Classroom

English Beyond the Classroom: Community-Based Tasks for ESL Students

What does it mean to “learn” an English lesson in an adult education class? Is it that the student can perform well on a standardized test, or complete an activity in the classroom with ease? Has a student “learned” the English if he or she can accurately reproduce it within the confines of that instructional room? Or, is it the goal of an ESL class to make its students better able to function in an English-speaking environment. All of the above.

The sample lessons and worksheets provided in the English Beyond the Classroom materials supplement traditional classroom materials and suggest ways to help lead the adult immigrant with limited English skills out of the classroom and into the community. Reproducible worksheets in .pdf format on accompanying CD.

Lessons include:

  • Finding Your Way Around
  • Public Services
  • Retail Services
  • Housing
  • Health
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Leisure
  • Community Involvement.

#591 Lesson Book and CD - $15.00

English for all - video series cd series“English for All” Video Series/CD Series

The English for All Video Series is part of the multimedia English for All program designed to help adults learn English. The program is tailored for intermediate and high-beginning ESL students, and includes five compelling, real-life stories in twenty, fifteen-minute episodes. Each episode features a multi-ethnic cast and friendly Wizard, who explains language and skill content throughout each story. The content is correlated to CASAS and SCANS competencies. The videos can be used alone to enrich ESL classes when use of the EFA website is not possible, or in conjunction with it. Publication Date 2003.

  • #583 "English for All" VHS Format - $50.00
  • #584"English for All" CD Format - $25.00

ESL Start up kitESL Start-Up Kit

The 2007 edition of the ESL Start-Up Kit has been compiled by the Adult Learning Resource Center, a member of the Illinois Service Center Network, to help you find your way as you enter or return to the field of teaching English to speakers of other languages. It is intended to supplement the program-specific orientation and the ongoing professional development activities you will participate in as an adult educator in Illinois. Publication Date April 2007.

#840 ESL Start-Up Kit - $8.00

ESL TeacherESL Teacher/Tutor Manual

ESL Teacher/Tutor Training Manual
These manuals were developed by ESL educators in central Illinois and the CIAESC staff. The ESL Teacher/Tutor Manual provides information about learner characteristics, ESL approaches, teaching guidelines, time-efficient activities, and 20 oral language and literacy activities. The ESL Teacher/Tutor Training Manual provides background information on diversity, language learning and ESL research and suggests how each section of the ESL Teacher/Tutor Manual can be used. Publication Date 2002.

  • #575 Teacher/Tutor Manual - $15.00
  • #576 Teacher/Tutor Training Manual - $15.00
  • #577 Set of both manuals - $28.00

Essential Foundational EmploymentEssential Foundational Employment Skills

This teaching manual is the result of two years of fieldwork and research into employability. Employment skills for ABE/GED and other literacy-level learners are addressed on a basic and fairly universal level to provide honesty, cleanliness, teamwork, responsibility, flexibility, willingness to learn, interpersonal skills, communication skills, and organizational skills. The manual includes a variety of lesson plans that can be tailored for use in any adult education classroom. Publication Date 2001.

#559 Essential Foundational Employment Skills - $15.00

Health Literacy Materials for the classroomHealth Literacy Materials for the Classroom

Health Literacy is an important, identified goal of the federal government. To address this in the adult education classroom, four HEALTHWISE instructional units have been created covering the topics of Preventive Health Care, Consumer Health Issues, Human Relationships and Sexuality, and Preventing Addictive Behaviors. The information in each of these units are presented in three distinct and parallel formats making it appropriate for use in a variety of settings and accessible to a wide range of adult learners. Publication Date 2005.

GED/ABE II format - This format is designed to be used in teacher-led settings with adult students who have achieved at least a 6th grade reading level. This format is constructed so that each topic incorporates lessons that can stand independently.

APL format - This format is designed to be used for independent study with adult students who read at the 6th grade level or above. This format is designed to be used as a whole. Students are expected to read the entire unit and complete a separate corresponding homework packet. Students are also presented a 50-question objective test over presented material upon successful completion of the homework packet.

ESL/ABE I format - This format assists the beginning English language learner or the adult basic education student with acquiring basic health vocabulary and concepts. It introduces introductory knowledge relating to the health concepts included in the APL format. Instructors can use the APL format as supplemental research materials to address individual student's interests or questions regarding a specific health topic. There are three components to each lesson - Teacher Presentation, Student Practice and a Project. Group and individual activities are included in each lesson. Each lesson is designed as a resource for instructors and can be followed or used as an instructional resource. Activities can be selected according to the specific group of students and the instructor's preferred teaching style.

  • #83 Complete Health Literacy Set of 4 Books - $110.00
  • #832-1 Preventive Health Care - $30.00
  • #832-2 Consumer Health Issues - $30.00
  • #832-3 Preventing Addictive Behaviors - $30.00
  • #832-4 Human Relationships and Sexuality - $30.00

Home English Literacy for Parents

The Home English Literacy for Parents curriculum was developed to be implemented in a “typical” adult ESL education program. The curriculum integrates practical, commonly used adult English-survival competencies with school-related competencies. The curriculum was developed with the assumption that there might possibly by irregular attendance by participants who had varying language skills. It also addresses other factors pertinent to adult second language learning.

The curriculum is based upon the premise that students come to class with parenting skills acquired through life experience. The curriculum, therefore, focuses on building upon existing parenting skills. Publication Date 1996.

#486 Home English Literacy for Parents - $10.00

How to guideHow-To Guide for Learner Retention and Planning in Adult Education Programs

Learner retention, or persistence, in adult education classes is an important and topical issue for ESL and ABE/GED programs in Illinois and in the United States. In 2003, the Albany Park Community Center studied retention in their program and in the state. The research process included a review of literature, focus groups, and intervention. The result is this guide.

The guide is a tool for programs studying and working to improve their retention. Topics include: Defining and Calculating Retention; Persistence Factors; Retention Strategies; and Learner Retention Action Research. Publication Date 2005.

#830 How-to Guide for Learner Retention and Planning - $15.00

The LD ToolboxThe LD Toolbox

The LD Toolbox provides educators with information and tools for working with individuals with learning disabilities in educational settings. Available LD Toolbox materials include the LD Toolbox manual, the LD Toolbox CD-ROM, the LD Toolbox audiotape, the Dyslexia module, the Multicultural Issues module, and the LD Toolbox videotape. Publication Date 1996.

  • #492 LD Toolbox Complete Set - $49.95
  • #492a LD Toolbox Manual only - $15.00
  • #492b LD Toolbox Videotape only - $25.00

LD Toolbox prices reflect sales within Illinois.

Literacy Resource Series: Strategies for Adult Learners

The Literacy Resource Series provides teachers and tutors with more than 140 strategies related to beginning reading, comprehension, vocabulary, and writing.

Each book contains an introduction that provides general information regarding the book’s focus – a theoretical framework that provides a basis for the various strategies included. Publication Date 2000.

  • Book A: Beginning Reading
  • Book B: Word Identification and Spelling
  • Book C: Comprehension Strategies
  • Book D: Vocabulary Strategies
  • Book E: Writing Strategies

#494 Literacy Resource Series Set A-E - $60.00

  • #494a Book A - $10.00
  • #494b Book B - $20.00
  • #494c Book C - $20.00
  • #494d Book D - $10.00
  • #494e Book E - $10.00
Literacy Tutor Manual

Literacy Tutor Manual

  • The companion Literacy Tutor Manual provides strategies for sessions with adult learners. It is intended for the individual tutor as a part of the Literacy Tutor Training, but will be a valuable resource in any literacy tutor library.

#528 Literacy Tutor Manual - $12.00

Literacy Tutor Training Manual

  • The Literacy Tutor Training Manual is a step-by-step guide for training potential adult literacy tutors. It provides a suggested four-session format with procedures and strategies for ensuring that tutors are well-prepared to handle sessions with adult learners.
  • The first session focuses on general concepts about adult learners and tutors, presents introductory activities and informal assessment activities for tutors to try, and discusses journaling and the importance of building a sense of community.
  • Five flexible strategies geared towards narrative texts are introduced in the second session.
  • Required assessments and core materials are discussed during the third session, and six flexible strategies are presented that are specifically helpful for classroom tutors using informational texts.
  • Lesson planning is covered in the final session.

#527 Literacy Tutor Training Manual - $12.00

Publication Date 1999.

New/Newer Teacher/Tutor Orientation: A Manual for Staff Development

General guidelines for staff development are provided as the introduction to this manual. The first part of the manual focuses on important background issues such as key terms, funding, and services provided. The second part includes such topics as general characteristics of adult learners, discipline in adult education classrooms, a look at assessment, and an overview of teaching. The third section discusses specific strategies in reading, writing, and math and provides examples of integrated lessons. The last section of the manual looks at the specific issues of learning disabilities/difficulties and retention. Publication Date 1999.

#526 New/Newer Teacher/Tutor Orientation - $20.00


NRS (National Reporting System)

These materials provide an excellent introduction to the National Reporting System and various roles in the data collection process. These materials can be used independently by new staff or by program administrators to enhance a program’s knowledge for program improvement purposes. Publication Date 2004.

#810 NRS Manual and DVD - $15.00

Open The Doors to All Children

This 12-minute program on DVD is intended to assist educators in conquering the obstacles that impede the education progress of homeless children. This video can be utilized as a professional development tool in working within the legal context of schooling homeless children and youth, and provides strategies and practices that schools and communities can employ to increase the likelihood that homeless students will enjoy academic success. Target audience: teachers, administrators for in-service. Publication Date 2005.

#562 Open The Doors - $15.00

recruitment and retentionRecruitment and Retention in Adult Education Programs

This manual addresses possible reasons for academic failure and offers procedures to follow in the identification of those most at risk of dropping out. The 200 strategies in this manual will empower learners, establish group cohesion, facilitate the identification of goals, and encourage participation. Strategies are categorized as follows: User-Friendly Strategies, Responsive Strategies, Empowering Strategies, Personal and Relevant Strategies, and Interactive Strategies. Publication Date 2001.

#557 Recruitment and Retention - $15.00

study and literature reviewTransitions Study and Literature Review & Resource CD

The ICCB Transitions Study and Literature Review will provide an overview of adult education student transitions. Transitioning, defined here as moving students through adult education toward post-secondary education, traning, and employment, prepares adult students to compete in an increasingly complex high-tech workplace. In this study, the Illinois Serfvice Center Network researched the literature and compiled best practices and programs that created successful transitions for adult education students. The report features program models, best practices, guidance for decision making, and recommendations at the state and program levels.

The Transition Resources for Adult Educators CD accompanies the ICCB Transitions Study and Literature Review. The CD includes literature reviews in the transition areas of ABE to ASE, ASE to Postsecondary, ASE to the Workforce, and ESL. Users are able to access the articles reviewed via direct link and need not be connected to the Internet to view the PDF documents.

  • #860 ICCB Transitions Study and Literature Review & Resource CD - $15
  • #861 Resource CD only - $5
  • #862 Transitions Study and Literature Review only - $12

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