About Us

CPC's Mission

Curriculum Publications Clearinghouse (CPC) is the centralized point for the production and cost-recovery distribution of curriculum-related adult, career, and technical materials as well as other products of interest to educators, students, parents, business owners, and others. CPC reproduces materials that are referred to it by the Illinois Community College Board and distributes them throughout the state, nation, and world at a minimal cost.

CPC builds upon more than 25 years of successful operation. It was originally established in 1976 in response to a need identified by the Illinois State Board of Education/Department of Adult, Vocational and Technical Education (ISBE/DAVTE) to provide products developed under the department's auspices. By making these materials readily available at a reasonable cost, CPC continues to enable ICCB to efficiently provide materials and services that contribute to the quality and promotion of career and technical education in Illinois.

Curriculum Publications Clearinghouse is a special project conducted under the provisions of the Workforce Investment Act, Title II Adult Education and Family Literacy, and is administered through the Illinois Community College Board. Federal funds provide 100% support.

CPC is located at Western Illinois University.