Teaching Online FAQ

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The following is required before teaching an online course at WIU.
-- Best Practices in Teaching Online course (http://www.wiu.edu/CITR/services/bpto.php) provided by CITR must be completed prior to the course start date. (Special circumstances may allow for completing the course concurrently with the online course you are teaching).
-- Course syllabus must meet accessibility guidelines (http://www.wiu.edu/accessibility/).
-- At least 80% of the online course content must be developed and ready to go live no later than one week prior to the course start date.
-- Course must meet the requirements of the Western Illinois University Online Course Requirement Checklist (http://www.wiu.edu/CITR/services/docs/Online Course Requirement Checklist Form - 2019.pdf).

The following is preferred before teaching an online course at WIU.
-- Copy the Online Course Template before development begins (Contact CITR to have this done).

As per article 32.1-g of the faculty contract, all full time faculty shall maintain a schedule of at least four office hours per calendar week spread over at least three days. Additionally, faculty should also provide an opportunity for online students to contact them during this time as well. Please keep your remote students in mind and provide them with a method of contacting you during your office hours (i.e. office phone, email, Google Meet, etc.)

-- In this course, you will explore both the opportunities and the challenges of teaching online. You will experience online learning as both a student and an educator, building empathy for both roles. You will consider what is unique about learning online, as well as learning principles that stand consistent no matter what the delivery system.
-- This online course is instructor‐facilitated and includes weekly discussions, individual and small group activities. Throughout the course, participants will construct a sample online course syllabus that considers course goals and objectives suitable for an online course, an online communications strategy, and the selection of student learning activities and assessments.
-- For more info on the course see the Best Practices in Teaching Online page here: http://www.wiu.edu/CITR/services/bpto.php.

To register for the course, please login to your WIU gmail account. Then click the link below to submit the registration form. Once you are registered, you will receive a welcome letter via email and a book via campus mail approximately one week prior to the course start date. NOTE: Books must be returned to CITR at the conclusion of the course. Please do not mark or highlight in them as they will be used for future sections of the course.
-- BPTO Registration Form - Remember, you must be logged in to your WIU gmail account to access the form.
-- For more info on the course see the Best Practices in Teaching Online page here: http://www.wiu.edu/CITR/services/bpto.php.

The Western Illinois University Online Course Requirement Checklist is a list of requirements that all online courses at WIU must meet before being approved and going live. Use the checklist as a guide when developing your course. A CITR representative will go through the checklist and work with you to make sure everything is in place before the course can be approved. You can access the checklist here: http://www.wiu.edu/CITR/services/docs/Online Course Requirement Checklist Form - 2019.pdf.

An online course only needs to be approved in the following instances:
-- The course is being taught online for the first time.
-- The course is being redeveloped.

The Online Course Template is a template built in Western Online that contains the structure of an online course with many items required by the checklist already in place. Instructors can customize and plug in their own content into place. Contact CITR (309.298.2434) to have the template copied into your Western Online course shell.
-- Instructions for customizing the template can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/12XNh9LCqh6Hi-zPRUMNHKe2l6HYIz7WyJGyhr6BHg4s/edit?usp=sharing.

The Online Course Syllabus Template is an accessible template built in Microsoft Word that contains all of the required sections for an online course syllabus. There is a companion website with some examples of what to put in some of the sections.
-- Online Course Syllabus Template
-- Online Course Syllabus Template Companion Site
-- Instructions for Creating an Accessible Syllabus in MS Word (Windows) (Google Doc) - (web version) - (print version)
-- Instructions for Creating an Accessible Syllabus in MS Word (Mac) (Google Doc) - (web version) - (print version)

The Online Course Evaluation (OCE) system is the online version of your end of course evaluations that your students fill out. Before using the OCE, faculty need to verify they have an approved instrument/evaluation (contacting Sharon Thompson - SK-Thompson2@wiu.edu). Only chairs and directors of the academic programs can set dates and retrieve course evaluations.
-- Access the OCE here: https://www.wiu.edu/OCE
-- Instructions for adding the OCE link to Western Online

There are two options for proctored exams:
Option 1 – Electronic Exams on the Macomb and QC Campus (Free to student)
Please recognize that while you can attempt the quizzes for grade online in a non-proctored environment the same does not hold true for exams. Examinations are offered at no cost to students in the testing facilities on the Macomb and the Quad City campuses. While you will see folders/icons relating to exams within the module structure, you will not be able to access these, as they are password protected and require a “Lock-Down-Browser.” The testing facility administrators on the Macomb and the Quad Cities will log you into the appropriate browser and get your examination process initiated. Prior to taking your examination, you will be asked to present a photo ID such as a driver’s license or state identification to your proctor. The requirements and procedures for examinations depend on where the examination will be proctored. See the appropriate requirements below:

For Exams Proctored at the Quad Cities Campus:
Students living in the Quad Cities area may take examinations under the supervision of personnel at the WIU Quad Cities campus. Call to schedule a time for the examination. WIU Quad Cities requires a minimum of 48-hours advance notice before taking an examination.
WIU Quad Cities
3300 River Drive
Moline, IL 61265
(309)762-3999 – Extension: 64567

For Exams Proctored at the Macomb Campus:
Students living near Macomb may take all examinations in the Distance Learning Office, Horrabin Hall 10, WIU. Call 309/298-2496 to schedule a time for the examination. A minimum of 48 hours advance notice is required before taking an examination.

NOTE: Please recognize that there are a limited number of testing stations available at both testing facilities and reservations in advance are highly recommended. Advance scheduling is also recommended, as there are peak testing times during the semester and not reserving a testing spot will prevent you from completing your tests in a timely manner.

Option 2 - Electronic Examination – Respondus Lockdown Browser and Respondus Monitor – (Cost to Student $15 for 12 month subscription)
Students who do not live near the WIU campuses and wish to attempt the electronic versions of the exam may do so using Respondus Lockdown Browser and Respondus monitor. They will also require a webcam that plugs in with a USB cable and allows you to provide a complete scan of the work environment prior to the beginning of the test. Please recognize, that the use of the lock-down browser and the accompanying webcam are intended to provide the proctored environment and you are responsible for all aspects of maintaining academic integrity. This convenience of untethering you from a proctored environment cannot compromise the academic integrity of the course. Students will be required to purchase a $15 subscription for Respondus Monitor that’s valid for 12 months and can be used with any course that requires the use of Respondus Monitor.

Individuals who breach the academic integrity of the course will be assigned a failing grade for the COURSE. You are governed by the student code of conduct at WIU and details pertaining to the same are available at: WIU - Student Code of Conduct.

Nuts and Bolts of setting up and using Respondus Lockdown Browser and Respondus Monitor
Watch this short video to get a basic understanding of LockDown Browser and the webcam feature. A student Quick Start Guide (PDF) is also available. Then download and install LockDown Browser from this link:
-- http://www.respondus.com/lockdown/download.php?id=836614457

To ensure LockDown Browser and the webcam are set up properly, do the following:
-- Login to your course normally and click on the quiz to begin.
-- Run the Webcam Check and, if necessary, resolve any issues.
-- Run the System & Network Check. If a problem is indicated, see if a solution is provided in the Knowledge Base. Troubleshooting information can also be emailed to our institution's help desk.
-- Exit the Help Center and locate the practice quiz named “Getting Started” in the documents folder of the course.  This will provide you with an opportunity to get familiar with the testing environment and the use of the technology associated with using Respondus Lock-down Browser and Respondus Monitor.
-- Upon completing and submitting the practice quiz, exit LockDown Browser.

When taking an online exam that requires LockDown Browser and a webcam, remember the following guidelines:
-- Ensure you're in a location where you won't be interrupted.
-- Turn off all other devices (e.g. tablets, phones, second computers).
-- Clear your desk of all external materials not permitted — books, papers, other devices.
-- You will be asked to authenticate your work environment and identity prior to the start of the Have a removable USB based webcam that will allow for a complete scan of your work environment that will confirm the integrity of the work space.
-- Please recognize that this is a closed book, individual effort, and any breach of academic integrity will result in an automatic failing grade for the COURSE.
-- Remain at your computer for the duration of the test
-- If the computer or networking environment is different than what was tested above, repeat the Webcam and System checks prior to starting the test.

To produce a good webcam video, do the following:
-- Avoid wearing baseball caps or hats with brims.
-- Ensure your computer or tablet is on a firm surface (a desk or table) — not on your lap, a bed, or other surface that might move.
-- If using a built-in webcam, avoid tilting the screen after the webcam setup is complete.
-- Take the exam in a well-lit room and avoid backlighting, such as sitting with your back to a window.

Remember that LockDown Browser will prevent you from accessing other websites or applications; you will be unable to exit the test until all questions are completed and submitted.

Important Note on Examinations and Quizzes:
It is important for you to know that the questions associated with quizzes and exams for grade are attempted by each of you at a unique time period within the slotted time. For this reason, grade related materials are not placed in the public domain or returned to you after grading. Disseminating this information is a violation of the student code of conduct. While I will be unable to give you access to graded quizzes and exams you are more than welcome to discuss your exams, quizzes, assignments or your grade situation at any time by calling me, scheduling an office visit if you are on campus, and in a more limited sense via e-mail. At no time will grade related questions be returned to you.

Be sure to complete the required readings and quizzes before attempting an examination. If you are planning on taking your examination on the Macomb or QC campuses, please schedule the same well in advance. While you can always attempt any of the graded components ahead of the stated due dates, please do not write to me seeking extensions as they create a dual standard.

Checklists are use by students to keep track of their own progress.
-- Click on Resources in the nav bar and choose Content
-- Select the module on the left that you want to add the checklist to
-- Click the Upload/Create button and choose New Checklist
-- Give it a title. For example, Module 1 Checklist
-- Click Publish
-- Click Add New List…
-- Click where it says List 1 to customize the title. I usually name it the same as the overall Checklist, Module 1 Checklist, for example.
-- Click Add a New Task to…
-- Click Add a New Task to… again to add another and repeat.

If you are using the free version of Zoom your videos can only be recorded and saved to your computer. If you are using a Zoom account that is being paid for by the university, you will need to request access to your recorded videos from uTech (309.298.2704). uTech will share the video with you in the Shared drives area on your WIU Google Drive account. You will have full access and editing rights to the video files. Do not share with your students directly from here as they will have editing rights as well. To share with your students do the following...

— Go into the shared drive created by uTech.
— Drag the video file(s) and drop them into your My Drive on the left side.

There are three options for getting the video to your students once you have put it in your Google Drive...

1. Share directly from Google Drive
— Click on My Drive on the left to see its contents.
— Right click the file and choose Share.
— Enter the email addresses of the students you want to share with.
— Use the drop down pencil icon and choose Can edit, Can comment, or Can view.
— Click Done.

2. Add a Google Drive shareable link in Western Online
— Click on My Drive on the left to see its contents.
— Right click the file and choose Get shareable link.
— Toggle the switch to turn on Link sharing.
— Copy the link address.
— Go into your Western Online course.
— Click Resources in the nav bar and choose Content.
— Select the module on the left that you want to add the link to.
— Click Upload/Create and choose Create a Link.
— Enter the link Title and paste the link that you copied into the URL text box.
— Click Create.

3. Upload to YourTube and embed into Western Online.
— Use the directions on the YouTube tip sheet to upload your video - http://www.wiu.edu/CITR/events/summer_academy_archives/handouts/2018/youtube.pdf
— View the video in YouTube.
— Click the Share link below the video.
— In the window that pops up, click EMBED.
— Copy the provided embed code.
— Go to Western Online, click Resources in the nav bar and choose Content.
— Select or create the module you want to add the video to.
— Click the Upload/Create button and choose Video or Audio.
— Paste the embed code in the provided text box in the Web Video or Audio tab.
— Type in a page title in the Title text area and click Save.