Best Practices in Teaching Online


After completing the Best Practices in Teaching Online course, you will be able to...

  • Compare and contrast online instruction with classroom instruction.
  • Consider a learner-centered approach to teaching online.
  • Describe how distance in space and time impacts communications and learning.
  • Explore effective online communication tools and strategies that encourage and develop student collaboration and an online learning community.
  • Write a course goal and objectives consistent with both curricular goals and the nature of teaching online.
  • Appropriately select online course activities, assignments, and assessment measures based on the course goal and objectives.
  • Discuss issues, define barriers to success, and explore best practices in managing the "virtual classroom."
  • Define copyright and intellectual property issues as they apply to developing online course materials.
  • Effectively edit and maintain an online learning module.
  • Baseline Online Course Standards for WIU.