This page provides info about Respondus, including the three tools provided by them - Respondus (quiz creation tool), Respondus Lockdown Browser, and Respondus Monitor.

Respondus is the name of a company. The company offers two products and a service we use here at WIU. One product is named Respondus, one is Lockdown Browser, and the service is called Monitor.

Respondus (quiz creation tool) - Used for the creation of online quizzes in D2L and other learning management systems. It is Windows only. Faculty download and installation information is below. Click the button below to go to the Respondus quiz creation tool download page.

Lockdown Browser - Prevents students from moving from program to program and website to website while taking a quiz. Works on Mac, Windows, iOS. Students can install this on their own computers using this link

CITR also has a handout about Lockdown Browser and how to configure it located here:

*** NOTE - The Respondus LockDown Browser does not work with ChromeBooks or Windows 10S (different than Windows 10) ***

Monitor - This is a service that uses Lockdown Browser and the student webcam to deter cheating. It requires the Lockdown Browser to be installed and then uses the Mac, Windows, or iOS webcam to capture the student as they are taking the exam. There is no fee for students to use this tool. For instructions on how to activate Monitor see How do I turn on Respondus Monitor for a quiz? in the Quizzes section of our FAQ page here:

*** NOTE - Due to Respondus Monitor requiring the LockDown Browser in order to work, Monitor will also not work with ChromeBooks or Windows 10S (different than Windows 10). In addition, Respondus Monitor will not work with iPads ***

Respondus Monitor Overview -

Instructor Resources for Respondus Monitor -

Instructor Resources for LockDown Browser -

If you’d like to attend a training webinar hosted by Respondus, you’ll find dates and registration information here -