Faculty Travel Policies

Travel Funds Suspended for FY19

Travel awards must follow the University's policies for travel. Please consult these resources:


The Provost Award for Faculty Travel has been established to provide financial assistance to Unit A (tenure/tenure track) faculty who will be presenting scholarly/professional activities at professional conferences or meetings and to encourage continued publication of active research and support invited performances in the creative arts.


The Director of the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Research shall establish a committee from the Center's Advisory Board. The Advisory Board consists of representatives from the four Colleges, Library, and Quad Cities. The Award Committee shall evaluate and make recommendations with regard to the applications for travel fund support. The Director shall chair this committee. The committee will meet continuously while funds exist.

Please take a moment and review the policies below. All policy and procedures must be strictly adhered to. If you have questions after reviewing these policies or any time during the application process, please contact CITR at 309/298-2434 or CITR@wiu.edu.

  • Applications must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the actual presentation date.
  • The maximum award is $500.00.
  • Faculty may receive one travel award per fiscal year.
  • Awards are to support travel for the presentation of accepted papers, invited performances or equivalent professional activity.
  • If you are unable to attend your conference, or require less funding than originally awarded, please let CITR know immediately.


  • Full-time Unit A faculty
  • Full-time Unit A faculty on sabbatical

Not Eligible

  • Department Chairs
  • Unit B Faculty
  • Temporary Faculty
  • Employee on unpaid leave of absence at the time of travel
  • Faculty receiving an honorarium for their presentation or performance.

Travel Awards DO NOT fund:

  • Non-presenting participants
  • Attending board meetings for which are you an officer
  • Presenting as part of a panel that requires little preliminary preparation. Simply, the presentation you are using as the basis of the application must be equivalent to preparing for a full, scholarly presentation.
  • Costs associated with printing, registration fees, per diem (meals)

See below for the procedures


  • Faculty are to submit a request using the online travel request form located at: https://www.wiu.edu/citr/travel/index.sphp. Applications must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the actual presentation date to allow adequate time for the committee to review the application. You will be prompted for your Ecom login and password.
  • Click the “New Application” option on the left.
  • Applicants will be required to provide:
    • A narrative describing how the paper or performance relates to the applicant's professional duties at the University.
    • A breakdown of costs to include: Conference Registration, Travel Costs, Hotel, Days in Attendance, other costs (such as taxis and parking).
    • The amount being requested (up to but not to exceed $500).
    • An Abstract or Session Description
  • Once required items are complete, the faculty member will save the application to the electronic system. The application has not been submitted at this stage and can still be modified. Once it is submitted for review, the applicant can no longer modify it. However, the application must be submitted before it will be reviewed and considered by the committee.
  • After the application is saved, click “Edit” to update information in the application, or click “Click to submit for Review and Print a Copy for Your Records”. If all required fields have been completed, and the current date is two weeks or more before the presentation date, the application will be submitted. The application may be printed for your records.
  • An electronic signature sheet will be emailed to your Chair and Dean for their approval.
  • Once approved, the applicant will learn of the amount of their award.
  • Immediately after the conference, faculty members are to submit documentation of attendance. This will be submitted to CITR no later than two weeks from the presentation date. (Note: after this time, the award can be forfeited and reallocated). Documentation consists of (Electronic copies of the following documents are preferred):
    • a copy of the program cover.
    • a copy of the program schedule that includes your presentation time.
    • a copy of the paper being presented or of the creative performance, or equivalent. A submitted paper does not need to lead to publication, but it is strongly encouraged.
    • a copy of your completed and signed travel voucher (to be completed after you travel by your department).

Travel award funds will be transferred to the faculty's department account and the department will be responsible for processing travel expenses.

CITR will only reimburse your department only AFTER travel has occurred and all required information has been submitted.