Provost Awards of Excellence

In 2005, the Provost's Awards of Excellence was established to celebrate faculty contributions in teaching, research, service and campus initiatives. Six awards are granted annually culminating in a recognition ceremony in the early fall of each year. Award recipients receive a $1,000 stipend and a crystal recognition sculpture. Candidates must be current Unit A or B faculty.

Applications must be electronically submitted to the Google Drive supplied to you by the CITR Director. These items must be submitted BEFORE 4:30 August 17th, 2020. Unfortunately, no exceptions. If you need help with your Google Drive, please contact a CITR representative prior to this deadline.

Six Awards Celebrate:

Clarification: You can include 3 letters of support which don't count towards the 10 page limitation (this is listed in the general guidelines). See above.

Application Limitations:

  • Narrative – no more than five (5) pages, single spaced – be sure to state the impact on university, students and community.
  • Stipulated Appendix to proceed your narrative - Each application must contain a stipulated appendix.
  • Sample syllabus - Include a syllabus for one course. (NOTE: This does not count toward your page limit.). You will upload this into a separate folder on Google Drive.
  • Ten (10) pages of supporting documentation. Whenever applicable, such as in the case of performing/creative works, faculty may submit multi-media materials For each, the number of pages of supporting documentation should be reduced by the number of items represented. These submissions should not contain multipage works, such as entire journal articles or books.
  • Up to three (3) letters of support from deans, chairs, peers or students – letters of support from these individuals do not count towards your 10-page limit of supporting documentation. These must be included with your packet at the time of submission and will not be collected by CITR. Each letter of support should not exceed two (2) pages. You will upload these to a separate Google Drive folder. These pages do not count to your total page limit for you narrative.