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2013 Licensing Resource Group Year-End Report

Recently, University Marketing received its year-end report from Licensing Resource Group (LRG), Western Illinois University’s licensing agent. LRG assists Western by ensuring all vendors applying Western’s logos and word marks to merchandise are licensed. LRG also conducts audits throughout the local area at outlets, such as Walmart and Farm King, to ensure that merchandise bearing the WIU logo(s) follows licensing guidelines. By using licensed vendors, WIU receives royalty income in exchange for the use of its trademarked logos and word marks.  These royalties are reinvested in the University by Athletics, Alumni Programs, and University Marketing.  The funds help promote the University’s Think Purple, Think Success theme, as well as assist with campus projects that benefit the students.

WIU's Top Ten Licensees of 2013
1.    JanSport, a division of VF Outdoor
2.    Under Armour by Gear For Sports
3.    Branded Custom Sportswear, Inc.
4.    Knights Apparel, Inc.
5.    Wholesale Screen Printing, Inc.
6.    Russell Brands, LLC.
7.    Jostens, Inc.
8.    Church Hill Classics
9.    Midwest College Marketing Group
10.  Know Wear BY DP Design

LRG reports that Western has 118 licensed vendors producing quality products to promote Purple Pride both on and off campus. From Jan. 1-Dec. 31, 2013, the University earned $72,958.37 in royalty revenue.  Royalties generated in 2013 increased nearly $15,000 from 2012. Using licensed vendors not only protects the integrity of WIU’s logos and word marks, it places much-needed revenue back into the University’s programs.

The next time you purchase a hoodie or coozie, look for the tag that states the merchandise is produced by officially licensed vendors.  We all benefit!



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