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University Libraries Celebrates the Careers of Two Long Term Employees

University Libraries recognized two employees’ distinguished service and years of employment by celebrating their retirement from Western Illinois University.  Marilyn Shelley, Senior Library Specialist, with the Acquisitions/Cataloging Unit, had 40 years of service, and Felix Chu, Associate Dean for Library Operations, with thirty years of service all with Western Illinois University Libraries.

Marilyn ShelleyMarilyn began her career as a Library Clerk II in the Cataloging Department on February 28, 1974.  “I have seen many changes in the library throughout my career”, said Shelley, “from a card catalog to an online system, 35mm films to DVDs and online videos, to electronic journals.  When the library first started using OCLC (Online Computer Library Center), we had two terminals in the building, and each of us was assigned a two hour shift to use the computer to look up bibliographic records.”

Photography is a passion for Marilyn and she enjoys photographing the Colchester Labor Day events.  She is active in the Colchester Historical Society, Bethel Baptist Church, and the Colchester Lions Club.

Felix ChuDr. Chu began his career at Western Illinois University Libraries in 1984, as the Automation Librarian.  Since that time, he has held multiple titles, including Assistant to the Acting Dean, Reference Librarian, Cataloging and Assessment Librarian, Interim Dean, and finally, Associate Dean.  He has served under seven Library Deans, and six University Presidents.  Originally hired as the Automation Librarian to oversee the Library Computer System that managed the circulation in a state-wide consortium, Felix has since managed the two computerized catalog system changes. 

“During my career at Western Illinois University Libraries, I have had the pleasure of working with a variety of departments, both within the library and the campus community”, said Chu, “It’s a nice place to work where I’ve had the freedom to do the things I want.  I’ve held several positions, and each time I’ve been able to shape the new position into what I wanted to see it become”.

Some of Felix’s fondest memories of WIU include the inauguration ceremony for President Wagner.  “We marched in full regalia from the Union through campus to Western Hall. It was the last time we held such an elaborate ceremony for a new President”, said Chu.

Thank you, Marilyn and Felix, for your dedication to University Libraries.  Your knowledge and expertise will be greatly missed.


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