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Promoting WIU at Illinois, Iowa High Schools

Belvidere HS Geneseo HS

Western Illinois University has entered into a unique advertising agreement to promote the University in a variety of Illinois and Iowa high schools.

The advertisements, emphasizing WIU's program to offer in-state tuition rates to students in bordering states, conforms with the requirements of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

"The benefit of advertising in these venues is two-fold: it gets Western's presence out among our prospective students and their parents and it assures that the advertising dollars support these high school's general funds," said WIU Vice President for Advancement and Public Services Brad Bainter. "We are able to tailor the message for each audience--Iowa residents receive in-state tuition and promote Purple Pride to our in-state audiences."

The sign locations include:

• Burlington (IA) High School (gym)
• Davenport (IA) North and West High Schools (gyms)
• Bettendorf (IA) High School (gym)
• Keokuk (IA) High School (gym)
• Ft. Madison (IA) High School (gym)
• Indian Hills Community College (IA) (gym)
• United Township High School (gym)
• Rock Island High School (both Stadium and Gymnasium)
• Brady Street Stadium in Davenport (IA)
• Freeport High School (gym)
• Belvidere and Belvidere North High Schools (gyms)
• Geneseo High School (gym)

The advertising program runs for three years, through June 2016 and the WIU programming runs on a rotating sign at each school. The money generated by the advertising program also funds a variety of programs at each of the high schools.


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