Event Photos

Homewood Alumni & Friends Event, 5/14/07

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Homewood Alumni & Friends Event
Front row, l-r: Brittany Kelly, Maggie O'Brien and Director of Alumni Programs Amy Spelman '98. Second row, l-r: President Al Goldfarb, Fritz Fritzgerald '03, Sue Puskedra O'Brien '78, Jay O'Brien '78 and Paul Connery '73. Back row, l-r: Tony Thomas '80 and Steve Nemitz '82.

Homewood Alumni & Friends Event
Front row, l-r: Marion Wallace '88, Robbin Johnson, Clowana Gardner Williams '91, Joyce Ross '87 and British Jefferson Minor '85. Second row, l-r: Couren Jackson '89, LeMarr Ketchens '02, Victor Easley '99 and Lyneir Cole '87. Back row, l-r: Ron Crawford '90, Director of Annual Fund Ulysses Tucker Jr. and Joel Harris '90.

Homewood Alumni & Friends Event
Front row, l-r: Julie Caulfield Nisivaco '81 '82, Michael Michau '72, Judy Breen '82, Dennis Shannon '70 and Kathy St. Lawrence Shannon '72. Back row, l-r: Tom Tomaszewski '70 '72, Eric Hager '71, Michael Heft '69 and Alan Perry '74.