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Annual Conference Programs

If members were unable to attend an annual meeting, we still have a few extra programs available.  Please contact the President of the society in the year you are interested.   Programs are $5 + $5 S&H (US) or $10 S&H (international).

AAIC Tote Bags

 Get your own limited edition LL Bean AAIC Tote bag.  You will be the envy of the entire science community with this handsome and rugged bag. Perfect for those lazy days in the field collecting data. 

AAIC tote bags available for purchase for $20 + $5 (S&H)US = $25.  Please make the check payable to AAIC and send to AAIC treasurer, Winthrop Phippen.

Conference Proceedings

Copies of the 1996, 1998, 2001, and 2006 conference proceedings are now available. Contact: David Dierig, David.Dierig@ars.usda.gov for more information. Each proceedings is available for $20 + $10 shipping and handling.




 1996 - Indianapolis, IN


1998 - Phoenix, AZ
  2001 - Atlanta, GA

2006 - San Diego, CA
  Archived Annual Conference News and Photos